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Eating Disorders

Seeking therapy for an eating disorder can be challenging but a necessary step towards recovery. There are some things to consider when looking into therapy for an eating disorder: 

1. Recognize the signs: Eating disorders can manifest in many ways. No eating disorder looks the same. You can not look at someone and tell if they have an eating disorder. 

2. Eating disorders are about food--and not about food at all. Eating disorders serve a function. They exist in someone's life for a reason. Therapy can help to explore the function of the behavior. 

3. Treating clients with eating disorders takes a team. It is likely that you may be asked to consider seeing a medical doctor and/or dietitian as a part of your recovery process. 

4. Find a therapist who really understands the complexity of eating disorders. Not all therapists are specifically trained in specialized treatment and this can ultimately cause harm.

5. Recovery takes time. It is not linear and it is imperfect. It is process. 

6. It is never too late to seek help for your eating disorder. Starting treatment is brave--no matter how many times you may have started and struggled in your recovery process. 

Reach out to begin the conversation about your recovery process!